Note to My Customers:

For the last 13 years, I have charged the same rates for my air brush tanning services — despite rising spa expenses and product price increases. As much as I would like to maintain my rates for another year, I find that I must increase them to continue to provide quality services to my many valued clients.

Effective January 1, 2017, new air brush tanning service prices will be $25 per person for a single tanning session, and $20 per person for tanning parties of 5 people or more.

I value you all as customers and want to continue serving you. If you have questions or concerns about this increase, please give me a call! 425-829-6719.

Thank you!

Bella Pellé of Western Washington is excited to offer Body Bronze Products (BBP) airbrush tanning to all our clients, for your safest tanning and most beautiful skin.

BBP, a physician approved and recommended sunless tanning line, is formulated and designed to create the most natural looking tan for all skin types, instantly. BBPs unique formulations contain an olive color base that eliminates any orange discoloration to the skin and all.As well, BBP self-tanning and airbrush tanning products are Eco-Certified Organic, Paraben and Gluten Free.

Bella Pellé utilizes a mobile “pop-up room” (tent) for providing an absolute perfect full-body spray tan every time, in less than five minutes. This state-of-the-art equipment eliminates over-spray and allows the solution to dry very quickly. The pop-up room allows for complete privacy, easy clean up, and accommodates even the tallest client. AND our mobile unit is easy to bring to your home, as well as to use in our spa.

Bella Pellé also offers Body Bronze Products for sale in our spa, and at your Tanning Party!

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